Monday, January 9, 2017

New Clothes for Anthony

Anthony just received some additions to his wardrobe. He is modeling his new clothes; shirts and jeans from his favorite designer, JStar! The details on the shirts are absolutely amazing; the cuffs, buttons, and collars! Very professionaly made. I know that he is one of the denim boys. But I do not know which one, as I bought him naked. Now he has a beautiful pair of jeans. Isn't he handsome?  Each item is very professionaly made and fits perfectly. Thanks JoAnn!



My New Sasha Girl, Yasmina

As you can see in my Christmas family picture, my Sasha family has expanded again. I was bidding on three different dolls on Ebay last fall and I won this honey blond. I was very happy with winning her and for a very reasonable price! :) She has a beautiful combination of honey blond hair with brown eyes. She came to me in her box with a wrist tag, but she was redressed for some reason. She was wearing a hand made green dress and green sandals.   

(Seller's picture)

(Seller's picture)

The next two pictures are the seller's pictures from eBay and  you see the outfit she was sold in. I love this doll! For a few days I was thinking about a name and then it came naturally. She is Yasmina. 

(Seller's picture)

(Seller's picture)

This is the green angora dress I made for her recently.

I love her hair, it is very soft and the color is beautiful!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Holidays to all!

It's been a complicated few months for me. We were moving to a new apartment. Everything is packed away and will be not opened until we moved to the permanent place. 
But the holidays were coming, I missed my dolls, and couldn't resist, so I unpacked them and took a few family pictures! Also, I have a new member of my Sasha family. It was a good opportunity for a family picture. 

Happy holidays to all my Sasha friends. I wish you holidays filled with lots of happiness, peace, and love to celebrate with the wonderful company of friends and family; the ones that matter the most.

 Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Never thought she would look pretty in pink!

Andriana is a relatively new doll in my collection. I did not knit anything yet for her. I knitted this dress a long ago for my first childhood doll; but I did not like it on her. Then, I made the dress longer and tried it on my Corolle doll. She was wearing it for a while. However, I made it too long and again I did not like it, but I refused to work on it again. Then a few days ago I saw a new theme in the FB Sasha group (Pretty in pink) and I decided try the dress on Andriana and finally it looked right. So I unraveled the bottom, and made it shorter again, and here she is in her new pink dress. 
Also, I would never guess she would look so nice in this shade of pink. I have a baby romper in pale pink and yellow, and it looks awful on her.As I was making pictures and trying to catch the light I figured out that a baby and a crib from my daughter's doll collection should fit well in the picture and that's how my baby girl received some new toys.:)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

New Items for sale

I've knitted some new things recently! Here they are:

1. A green and white dress. I used two different colors of Cascade 220 yarn. The dress is embellished with the Fair Isle technique. SOLD

 2. A lace cardigan in teal, made from natural yarn. It has four buttons on the back, and the sleeves are at a length of three-quarters. [Sold.]

3. This is the same pattern as the cardigan above, but it has a different color and is made of different but still natural yarn. SOLD

4. This is another cardigan of the same pattern, again in a different color and of a different yarn. SOLD

5. An A-Line pink dress. It's made of a Wool-Blend yarn, 75% acrylic, and 25% wool. [Sold.]

6. A slouchy blue hat and grey boots, 100% Wool. (Sold)

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Secret Santa 2015 Swap Gifts (received)

A few days before Christmas when I came back home I got a big surprise, a package was waiting for me in the hall, my Secret Santa Swap gift. I knew I would receive a package one of those days, but it caught me by surprise anyway. :)

 Anthony and I were probably very good this year to get such incredible gifts. Below are some pictures with the gifts that we received. 

A pair of pants and a very pretty plaid button up shirt.

An elegant coat with a red scarf and a dear toy.

 The harmonica (that actually works) and a baseball glove with a tiny ball

And something for me. I got a brownie cast iron skillet. I already baked a brownie. We ate it with ice cream. It was delicious!!! I had in mind to take a picture but I forgot and it is too late now. :)

Thank you Santa (Julie), for the gifts! Anthony was very happy to open his presents. He received more than we ever could have dreamed for. He is celebrating the Holiday season in style. 

The pants and shirt fits very well. The colors are amazing.

Now he is interested in learning to play the harmonica next year.

Anthony's favorite game is soccer. But he is fascinated by the glove and a ball and wants to play baseball but he will have to learn the rules of baseball. I think he needs a baseball team (Yankee? or Mets?)  players' uniform and a cap too. :)

Thank you Lorraine for organizing the Swap. It was very delightful to participate.